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Expanded Poly Styrofoam (EPS) Recycling Facility Now Open

December 2010

Highland Farms has made the recycling of its EPS packaging material a top priority. On a daily basis up to 1200 EPS boxes with fresh Salmon are delivered to it Maryport production facility which was previously sent to local landfills and buried. EPS is not easily biodegradable and with the new landfill taxes and the long term effect on the environment this was seen as problem of the highest priority.

With investment in a Runi SK 370 EPS Compactor and new premises all our EPS is now compacted and sold to be further processed in other manufacturing industries. Not only does this save the company money but it significantly reduces our carbon footprint with regard to how we manage our waste products. Please see the video link below to see a Runi EPS compactor in action.

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