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The North Atlantic cold-water prawn, Pandalus borealis, is known across the world for its delicate, sweet flavour with a firm and juicy texture to the meat. The cold-water prawn is a great source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy and nutritious delicacy.

Highland Farms double-frozen cold-water prawns are of a high and consistent quality. They are fished in the cold Icelandic open seas where they grow very slowly and thus develop a pleasant flavor and texture.

The prawns are frozen right after catch and landed to one of Highland Farms' processing units where they are gently thawed, cooked, peeled and frozen before they are dispatched to customers around the world.

Cooked and peeled cold-water prawns are individually quick-frozen to make portioning easy even when frozen. Gentle thawing in the refrigerator preserves the natural flavours.

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